Over Shoes

Over Shoes- Scuff Guard

Fendequip Over Shoes are the perfect choice for any Yacht that needs that extra layer of protection. Protect against scuff marks, dirt and scratches.

Ultra lightweight and easy to fit, each overShoe has non-absorbent sole and the non-slip underside will protect against scuff marks; perfect for your special visitors or contractors.

Our Quality

The Topsides of each OverShoe are manufactured  from  high-grade fabric we produce; the same as our renowned fenderCover material.

With the ability to last 8 times longer in direct sunlight without showing signs of fading fully verified by the Bureau Veritas.  Each overShoe will last for many seasons 



Available in Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Bottle Green, Beige, Light Grey, School Grey, Dark Grey and Burgundy just like our fender covers.

As well as this wide range of colours we also offer the opportunity for you to add your yacht name or logo with our own in-house embroidery services.