Mooring Products

Our objective is to become a one stop shop for mooring products and accessories.

With this in mind, in addition to our core fenderCover, maxiStow inflatable fenders and maxiHooks fender hooks product lines, we also have a full range of other mooring accessories in our range including our antiChafe rope covers, rail covers, dock covers.

If you are looking to ensure that your yacht is safe and stylish when moored, look no further than Fendequip.


Rope & Rail Covers

Made from the same soft loop fabric as our fender covers, our antichafe rope protectors are very quick and easy to fit. Non-absorbent, quick drying and stain resistant, they are available in many lengths.

Not only do the covers add that extra stylish touch to your boat, rope covers also protect the gelcoat from being damaged by the ropes. When moored for long periods, investment in good quality anti chafe rope cover protectors can really pay dividends.

Rail covers on the other hand are quick and easy to fit, they can be placed anywhere on the guardrail, even over stanchions.  Non-absorbent, quick drying and stain resistant, they are available in many different lengths with two diameters to fit 19 mm or 25 mm rails.

Fender Hooks - maxiHooks

Manufactured from top quality materials like stainless steel, leather & sheepskin, Fendequip fenderHooks are the last word in style & protection and ensure that all the hard work that you put into making sure your yacht is in first class condition is protected whilst from day to day.

FenderHooks are designed to allow fender lines to be easily attached to rails without the need for unsightly knots & removing the danger of polished rails being chafed or damaged by the ropes.

They arevailable in a number of configurations & in black or tan leather.