Chafe Gear

maxiChafe Chafe Gear

As well as our other products we also provide a superb variety of Chafe Gear.

With this in mind, our full range of mooring accessories includes our maxiChafe rope covers, rail covers and dock covers.

These are ideal for keeping your gel coat pristine; just like when it was brand new.

Our Quality

We use only the highest quality materials. Sheepskin from the UK when making our Shearling Fluffy covers, available in black or white, completely natural and never dyed.

Our renowned fender cover material for our Acrylic Weave range. Verified by Bureau Veritas, it boasts the ability to last 8 times longer in direct sunlight than any other product on the market.

For heavy-duty applications, the maxiChafe Ballistic Guard is perfect, with dual layers the ballistic design accomplishes the hardest tasks. Easy to install without ties for a fast and secure application.

Our Products:

Acrylic Weave

Shearling Fluffy

Ballistic Guard

Canvas Wrap

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