maxiStow Inflatable fenders


Fendequip maxiStow inflatable fenders are the perfect choice for small, medium and larger size Sailing Yachts and Motor Yachts.

We have developed a full range of inflatable fenders that will protect your boat in every circumstance no matter the yacht size or type. Manufactured from Hypalon, PU or PVC, we manufacture the right inflatable yacht fender for you.

Light and easy to handle when inflated and easily stowed into a small locker when deflated.

Made from high-grade fabrics with an abrasion and UV resistant surface, they are hard-wearing ensure a long and trouble-free life and should you have a puncture, they are fully repairable.

The attachment points are stainless steel “D” rings on both ends, securely fastened to a layered backing plate. They combine light weight with compact dimensions when folded for stowing.

A wide range of maxiStow products are just a click away:

Mooring Fenders:

maxiStow Leisure (LE)

maxiStow Heavy Duty (HD)

Heavy Duty Inflatable Fenders






maxiStow Hypalon Fenders (HY)

Hypalon fenders







maxiStow Hypalon Sphere (RO)

Sphere fenders






Docking and Pontoon Fenders:

maxiStow Dock (DO)

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maxiStow Flat (FL)

maxiStow Transom (TR)

Yacht, Super Yacht, Fenders, Fender Covers, Fendequip, Transform Fenders, Transform

maxiStow Swim Platform (SW)

Swim Platform fenders






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