All fender covers are manufactured from fabric we produce on large knitting machines in the fendequip factory. With Fendequip FenderCovers you get the benefits of UK design as well as quality manufacturing

Design and Quality

  • We use the very best materials in the manufacturing process: stain resistant, non-abrasive, loop-knit acrylic fabric durable and fade resistant.
  • We do not use rubber bands or cable ties that can perish and make the bottom of your fender covers hang awkwardly.
  • Polyester fabrics can abrade your boat’s gel coat, we don’t use this material.
  • Each fender cover will have gone through no less than five quality control checks before it leaves the factory.
  • Colours include Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Black, Red, Bottle Green, Beige, Light Grey, School Grey, Dark Grey, Burgundy, other colours available on request.

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