Fend off Expensive Coating Repairs (fendercovers)

Part 1 – fendercovers

Choosing the correct “Fendering System” is often overlooked in providing protection for yachts of any size, and there’s a BRITISH MANUFACTURER calledFendequip Mooring Products’ that are experts in providing you with high quality mooring solutions to suit every circumstance. You can be sure that all products in there range are ‘fit for purpose’ and designed and manufactured using the finest materials to the highest quality.


fendequip fender covers groupFenderCovers or fender sox as they are sometimes referred provide protection to topsides and gel-coats from fender scuff and wear, eliminating the need to what can be very costly repairs. Cosmetically they look pretty smart too.

Fendequip manufactures its fenderCovers from a unique premium knitted fabric they produce in-house at their factory in the south west of England. The fenderCover fabric is extremely durable, yet soft enough to protect topsides, stain resistant and non-abrasive the fabric has also been independently tested by Bureau Veritas, accredited with an ISO 105 B02, greater than Grade 7 certificate for UV resistance.

ever wondered why you need fendercovers?Ever wondered why?  This image shows a damaged gel coat that could have been prevented by the use of Fendequip fenderCovers





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