Fendequip Quality – Available Worldwide

Devoted to delivering a full range of premium mooring products, Fendequip ensures the saying “a boat in harbour is safe” is true.

From maxiStow fenders, ensuring effective fendering without the traditional storage issues. To fenderCovers protecting topsides and gel coat from fender scuff. Lastly, maxiHook fenderHooks allowing fender lines to be easily attached to handrails and bulwark without the need for unsightly knots.

As a BRITISH MANUFACTURER of mooring products, when you buy fendequip brands, you can be sure that our products are fit for purpose, designed and manufactured using the finest materials to the highest quality.

Today Fendequip is the leading name in fenderCovers, inflatable fenders, fender hooks and antiChafe mooring accessories. They are also specifically asked for and sourced throughout the industry. This is a true testament to our Quality, Service, Excellence and Core Business Values.

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